San Fernando Valley Food & Wine Festival (SFVFW) and the Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) Foundation are honored and excited to welcome Dayren Santamaria to this year’s festival. Dayren is a violin virtuoso that mixes the rich tradition of Cuban Jazz with classical, folkloric and soul stylings. Her playing combines ingenious technical ability with passionate creativity, culminating in a musical experience full of personal expression and joy! Please watch her performance teaser for a brief taste or her artistry and skill.

Dayren Santamaria Biography:

“Dayren was fated to be an entertainer. Born in Matanzas, Cuba to a professional musician father and an actress mother, she opted for a musical life and chose to study violin at age 8. Her passion for music has taken her on a journey around the world and across musical styles.

Most recently she formed her band Dayren Santamaria & Made in Cuba in 2015 with some of the best musicians in Los Angeles including Oscar Hernandez (Piano), Jimmy Branly (Drums/Timbales), Joey De Leon (Congas/Vocals), and Carlitos Del Puerto (Bass). They perform regularly in L.A.; check for schedule information.”

For more information regarding Dayren, please visit her website.

SFVFW is delighted to have Dayren at this year’s event. We are sure that she and her band will delight festival attendees while performing in front of the new LAMC ArtsMedia & Performance Building. Please join Dayren and the entire SFVFW team at this year’s event. To buy tickets, click here. Thank you and see you on April 28th.