SFVFW Welcomes Back Sushi Chef Andy Matsuda

Our 2019 San Fernando Food & Wine Festival will again be graced with the presence of celebrated Sushi Chef Andy Matsuda.

Chef Matsuda is the founder of the Sushi Chef Institute (SCI) and has played an important role in handing down traditional Japanese cooking and hygiene methods to students from all over the world. Chef Matsuda believes that, “Sushi has to be made perfectly for it to be considered authentic.”

Chef Matsuda has worked at fine Sushi Bars in Santa Monica, Aspen, New York, and also has had the opportunity to work for major hotels learning to cook other ethnic cuisines, such as French, Italian, and Thai. However, his greatest challenge came at the age of 36 when he was diagnosed with cancer. Going through 4 years of intensive treatments and self reflection, he began to understand the relationships between food, health, people and the environment.

After overcoming cancer, he looked to show his gratitude to American society and started a sushi chef training school in downtown, Los Angeles: the “Sushi Chef Institute”.  It is a thank you gift to America.

Chef Matsuda will be preparing sushi for all of this year’s 2019 SFVFW guest. In addition, he will give a exclusive presentation to our VIP guests. To experience Chef Matsuda’s delicous food, please purchase a general admission or VIP ticket.